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Commodre White Whiskers (Chris Senft)

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, to quote a famous author. A couple of articles ago, I wrote that I would not be the CO of the Reliant forever. That much is true. However, I was not signalling my retiring from the job any time soon. I will eventually step down (or lose an election to a worthy opponent) but only when the time is right. The individual who will ultimately take over as the next CO of the club needs to have not only a sincere desire to help run the club, but needs to have the acute ability to listen to the membership and act on their wishes, not the wishes of said CO. There has been once or twice that my wishes did not coincide with that of the club, yet I let the club have what it wanted. The Co is there only to make sure things happen and that the club is a fun thing to be a part of. The only "power" I get out of the club is when a member annoys me... I kill off their character in the storylines I work with. (That was a joke...ok??) I have my eye on more than one member of the club as suitable material to take over the Center Seat down the road. I know there will come a time when I am ready to step down. I hope when that happens, there will be someone (or more than one person) with the desire to continue my job from there. Or, to be fiar, if anyone, at anytime, wishes to become the CO then RUN FOR THE JOB! I will not be offended in the least bit, especially if I lose. It is the will of the club that govers my actions (for the
most part). 'Nuff said on this.
I wish to thank Alex Alvarez on a job well done. He put together the first (of many) trips to Camelot Park this year. The turnout was cozy, but there were problems with Email transmissions out to the membership, informing them of the event. That will be corrected for future events. Congratulations go out to Steve and Sue Bunn, who tied for first place at the event. Between the two of them they had 5 holes-in-one. Wow! They finished with a great score of 47, which is 7 under par. Next time guys.... Steve and Sue also tied for the best set of nine holes. They both shot a 5 under par score of 22. I am going to be keeping all the scores of our players over the next few months. As Summer fades into Fall, we will have our Camelot Part Tournament for the Reliant members. All that have played at least three times (and given their score cards to me) will be eligible for Handicap play. Handicap will be based on your average score, and the average scores of all other qualified players. This means that people with not so good scores get strokes knocked of their total score, lowering it to a better level. Just ask anybody who bowls on League Play. They use a smiilar procedure. All others whowish to play in the Tournament, but have not qualified for Handicap

play, will use their straight score that day.
We have an election coming up now for both the CO position as well as the Member At Large (Ohmbudsman). Since the handbook is not yet completed, there is still no official policy yet on our election procedure. This year's procedure is being laid out in another section of this newsletter. Read it thoroughly and then decide on what you want to do. Again, if anybody has desire for either of these positions (and
qualifies for them) then go for it and get nominated.
With luck, the Reliant Handbook will begin its first draft later this month. All Department Heads are advised to get their Departmental summaries in to Fran Ford by the meeting on the 13th. If not, someone
else will write them for you. *tsk-tsk*
That is it for now, just remember, StarQuest '98 is next month. We have Claudia Christian (B5) Chase Masterson, (DS9) Bob May (Lost in Space) and more attending. If you need a flyer, contact me immediately, especially if you wish to work on staff. Remember, returning staff members get their weekend pass for free.
Finally, I wish to speak of our second parent organization, UFPI. My dues expired back in December and I have no intention of renewing them. I have simply outgrown national organizations, for they offer nothing to me which can broaden my Trek experience. This is not to say the same will apply to you. I say this becasue in order for the Reliant to be e member of UFPI, her CO and XO need to be members of UFPI. To be fair, if the UFPI members on board the Reliant wish to continue her association with UFPI, I will have no problem with someone stepping forward to act as our representitive to UFPI. You will be listed as our UFPI Commanding Officer, to keep paperwork with UFPI straight. The same goes for the XO (I can't speak for our current XO, Robert Stevenson, on wether or not he wishes to remain a member of UFPI or not). For me, I am simply concentrating on Reliant matters now. That is why all references to a national organization are being largely removed from our Constitution and our handbook. There shall no longer be any requirements on a member to be a part of a national organization, should they desire to excell within the Reliant. This goes for rank too. Captain is now a rank acheived by points, and LOTS of leadership...not an individual within a national organization. The first persons on board the Reliant to get promoted this way are Captains Sara Elsbernd and Shaun Reardon. Their promotions were fully within the Reliant and had nothing to do with UFPI
Commodore White Whiskers of Vensre
Commanding Officer
USS Reliant, NCC-1864E

Editors Comments
The human condition known as summer fever is almost upon us. Even in space it evokes a sense of 'vacation', although there are no Earth seasons other than those projected on the holodeck. It is with this in mind I strongly recomend each of you to participate in the sceduled activities to control this
emotion. Miniature golf, movie premires, anual picnic, and Star Quest. If I were human I would invoke the expression Partee'
On Fellow Crewmates! -T'Sev of Vulcan
Back in my human personae, this summer sounds like lots of fun! Speaking of fun, this newsletter is dedicated to one bubbly lady, with a funny little cat. Barbara Heep has been a super charged source of positive energy since we joined the club. Always willing to lend a hand, and bring a smile. This one's for
you Barb! May the Profits be with you!

Lt. T'Sev Editor-In-Chief

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