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Commodre White Whiskers (Chris Senft)

There has been no communication from our Captain at this time. At last report he was spotted in the Star system of Quest in hot pursuit of a small green dragon. As he is in violation of several regulations, none the least being awol, our CO has been called upon to act in his stead, and ships security informed
and eagerly awaiting his arrival with anticipation.
From the editors desk, I wish you all the best in your many adventures you are about to embark on shortly, from Marriage, to Star Quest, to a new home, to name a few. In a word, congratulations
This one's for you!

Editors Comments

by Steve Bunn

As in all things that live we each have a uniqueness about each of us, and go through several changes to make us who we are. On Vulcan this philosophy is known as Idic. In our club, this is known as life. Since joining the club my family and I have seen lots of changes as people come and go due to any number of reasons, from job changes, to just changes in interest. But through it all, the time we've been able to spend with each of you has served to bring a richness to us, and a deeper appreciation of friends, and how to express our thanks to so many brilliant artists who've given us wonderful stories and
incredible performances through the years.
It is with this appreciation, that I'm looking forward to seeing, working, and having fun with each of you at Star Quest this year. This newsletter is going to have a few articles encouraging you to join in games(Fanish Family Fued) against other clubs, a Reliant room, and recruitement table to our guests again. Please read along, get excited, and add your uniqueness to this fun time!

Also, our annual picnic is just a few weeks away. Don't forget this special occassion, or the water guns. Please read Sue's article on this.
Summer is here crew! Let's Party!!! (Pretty un-Vulcan
of me to say, but logical)

Lt. T'Sev Editor-In-Chief

Ombudsman's Report
by Hannar Bil'E (Barbara Heep)

As our newsletter's wonderful editor explained last issue, I was in Las Vegas for a fantastic family visit last month and got to see Star Trek, The Experience! Our editor really covered my ---well, you know what, and explained my lack of newsletter
submission very graciously.
As to the trip, all I can say is WOW! There is a fantastic visual chronology of Earth's history in Star Trek beginning in 1609 with Galileo Galilei through the 24th Century. You stroll through a walkway of information and props like Planet Hollywood. Occasionally you'll run into a Klingon or Ferengi who scared the little kids to death! Okay, even my older sister was a little taken aback by the aliens. She's only seen them on TV. The are a lot taller in real life. Well, except the Ferengi. Hewas shorter in person.
Then you move onto the transporter pad and are caught in a time warp and transported to the 24th century on board the bridge of the Enterprise. The actors were really involved in their roles and the bride looked totally authentic. Then we went to the turbolift before boarding the shuttlecraft trying desperately to escape the Klingons. We zoomed over the skies of Las Vegas until we were safely, at last, docked at Star Trek The Experience
at the Hilton Hotel. It was FANTASTIC! What a rush!
Afterwards, you stroll through a Ferengi dream-come-true of a shopping arcade complete with Quark's Bar for refreshments. The Star Trek items on sale we very reasonably priced and some were unique to the Experience. I highly recommend taking a
trip to visit "The Experience."

Ambassador Hannar Bil'E of Bajor

Executive Officer Report
By Arloth Talghet, Commander

--No e-mail + new baby = no report--

Singin' the Andorian blues,
CDR. A. Talghet, ExO

Operations Report
By Crewman Drew Warner

Drew, this is where your first report goes.
Please report to the brig. Welcome to Staff!


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