By Captain. Freinan

Captain's congratulations to our two new full Lieutenants, Lt. Avakar of Security (aka Michael Taylor) and Lt. Da'Ku ten'Chi,, Flight Commander (aka Alex Alvarez). Getting to announce achievements and award ranks is great fun!
For those who missed the last meeting of the 1900's, following is an excerpt from the Captain's message (taken from The Unauthorized Starfleet Daily Meditation Manual):
"We are born, we grow, we live, and we die. In all the ways that matter we are alike."Captain Pikard, from STNG episode, "Who watches the Watchers?", stardate 43173.5
"So... how fine do you want to cut it?"
"Admittedly, our ability to make distinctions serves a useful purpose. The tiny differences we observe in nature give us greater control over it; they increase our species' chances for survival; they enhance our own creativity and sense of personal satisfaction...."
"But when it comes to interpersonal relationships--to getting along with other races and species-- what matters then? Should noticing that someone has blue eyes rather than brown make a difference? What about brown skin versus pink? Thinning grey hair or lustrous blonde? Flowing robes or tight-fitting uniforms? Should someone's praying to nature, or to a sacred icon, or to no one at all, automatically determine how we relate to them?
...."the truth is, noticing differences often raises artificial barriers that can only harm us. And the deeper truth is this: If we remain divided from others, we can't be united with ourselves."
My chosen character, Captain Freinan, is an ElAurian (like Guinan from STNG). I encourage all of us to join in the joy of 'listening' to others, of appreciating and finding pleasure in our differences, and comfort in our common ground. Of walking out the Vulcan icon,which call us to respect IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations)...

Regretfully, I had to leave the December meeting in the midst of our long-awaited 'creature history' of Admiral White Whiskers, our Ex-O (aka Chris Senft)... but fortunately, I did get to read the complete story soon afterward. This is a great kick-off for our culture-sharing sessions, and I look forward to hearing from Cmdr. Hannar Bil'E, Reliant's Ombudsman (aka Barbara Heep) at one of our next meetings.
So, here's to looking forward to finding out more about each other, about what we each find of interest in the Star Trek Universe, and about the various species and cultures we have chosen for ourselves as members of the Reliant crew. (If you're ready to make a presentation on your character, species and culture, let us know, and we'll schedule you for an upcoming
YELLOW ALERT! All crew to stations: Watch out for the change in LOCATION for the January Meeting (Still 2nd Saturday at 5:30 p.m.).
The Reliant has been challenged to "Take on the Klingons" at the CreationCon in Sacramento, the first weekend of February. The Saturday night entertainment will be Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and John DeLancie (Q) performing, Spock versus Q, which has recently been released on Audio Books.
Take a look at the web-site for more information, or call Fran Ford (510) 483-1902 or Steve Bunn (510) 538-8207, to let us know you're interested! (Special thanks to Cmdr. T'Sev, our faithful editor, for working with Mike from the Klingon club on this event.)
- How many Crew can we count on for attending the convention, bantering, and mock-battling the Klingon club as we move through the halls, etc.?
,,,Live long and prosper (and don't forget to exercise your right to 'freedom of chocolate')!!

Captain Freinan, signing out
(aka. Fran Ford)