By Captain. Freinan

The new location for our January meeting was part of our adventure for a New Year. The New Englander offers a greater variety of food and drink, and promises that next month, we can actually use the Ambassador Room (which has the needed privacy for our style of meeting, discussion and sharing).
Meanwhile, we greeted our visitors from the Klingon club, and heard a wonderful presentation on Bajoran culture from our own Hannar Bil'E. Plus our beloved Ex-O has been promoted to the earned rank of Admiral, so congratulations Admiral White Whiskers, and our appreciation for all you continue to do to make our Star Trek fantasy life so rich.
The good words from the Star Trek Meditation guide were from our Federation Klingon, Lt. Worf, who said, "I admire gall!". (Defined as "Rudeness; impudence; asserting oneself in a way that ignores authority, custom or convention.") Gall is usually considered a negative personal trait in 'polite society'. But it can be decidedly positive in situations where taking risks is necessary to the achievement of one's goals. ...
Klingons call this healthy dose of confidence, which sometimes borders on over-confidence, to the point of brazen self-assertion, nuQ'nuH, while Terrans know this character trait as 'chutzpah'. The Meditation Manual concludes, "We should all be so brazen when it comes to asserting what we believe!"

So, on to upcoming events: Attention all hands! All who can are earnestly requested to show up IN COSTUME, with PROPS and wits engaged at the Creation Entertainment Star Trek Convention, Saturday, February 5th through Sunday,
February 6th for a fun-filled away mission. . Tickets are still available through Creation Tickets at (818) 409-0960 ext. 225 from 9 am to 3 p.m. Pacific Time. -- or at their web-site or by fax to (818) 409-0827.
We understand the convention will start about 10 am., so plan to meet out front around 9:30 am., and will spend parts of the day in 'bantering-mode' with our friendly Klingons.
Another not-to-be missed event will be our February 19th barbecue (noon to 8 p.m.) at the Laguatan's home down south. For directions, contact Ellen at her e-mail address, and watch for your invitation in the mail.
Our February meeting will be Saturday, February 12th, at 5:30 p.m. at the Englander in San Leandro. So February promises many opportunities to join with our Reliant friends and immerse ourselves in our Star Trek and other sci-fi stuff.

Until then, Happy Trekking!

Captain Freinan, signing out
(aka. Fran Ford)