By Captain. Freinan

From the incoming Captain's point of view, November's meeting was First Class. Thanks to Commodore White Whiskers and Captain Talghet, the changing of the guard ceremony was a memorable event in my Star Trek career.
As I stated in my address to the ship's crew, I am grateful for the votes of confidence evidenced in my being elected as Captain of the USS Reliant, 1864-E. And I'm looking forward to an adventurous transition into the new millennium.
Let us not forget the Reliant is having a Christmas celebration, hosted by Commander Hannar B'ile, at her condominium's recreation facilities, on December 4th. Plus we still have our regular Reliant meeting on Saturday, December 11th to look forward to in THIS millennium.
With the changes in officers, I am accepting applications for two positions on the command staff: Treasurer, and Secretary are being vacated by Chris and Fran, who hope to pass on those batons to other Reliant members, while we keep on with the Ex-O and C O positions. If you're
interested in serving our club, let me know a.s.a.p., please!
Nov. 19th was the launch date for a new audiocassette richly dramatized by Leonard Nimoy and John DeLance, entitled "Spock versus Q". With two of my favorite Star Trek characters, I look forward to listening to their banter as they compete for their versions of the universe to survive! The launching of the audio-book took place at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas... for more information on the Experience, or events to come at that locale, log in at, or contact them at (702) 697-8752.

Word has it that they're planning an extravaganza for New Year's night, limited to a hundred fans, at a cost of $1,000 per person!
If you're interested in keeping up on the Star Trek Voyager episodes to be aired this winter, you can log on at for previews of special programs, episode information and other 'fun stuff from your friends at UPN44.
As I expressed in my message to the crew, I am very interested in all aspects of Star Trek random: technology, characters, special effects, etc. And I look forward to hearing from each of you the reasons why YOU like Star Trek, and what interests you. ... I especially enjoyed Chris' time of sharing some of the history of his involvement in the Reliant, and where he and Robert, and the ship has been in the past years. I look forward to more, including a character-revealing presentation on White Whiskers and his people... hopefully some time really soon.
To share a quote from Counselor Troi, (Hollow Pursuits 43807.4) "There's nothing wrong with a healthy fantasy life. As long as you don't let it take over." The Starfleet Meditation Manual goes on to say, "The lure of our fantasy life has always been strong. Which is a good thing, since fantasy is one of the most powerful tools for redesigning our own futures.
"We simply need to remember that, with every fantasy we indulge in, THAT'S what we're doing."

Long Life and Prosperity to each of you,

Captain Freinan, signing out
(aka. Fran Ford)