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Commodre White Whiskers (Chris Senft)

Boo! Are you scared? I guess not, huh? Well, let me tell you , I had a most frightening time today....I went out with our long distance (though not the longest distance) member of the Reliant, that lovable (and some say laughable) Bob Toy. Yes, the old Bobberooski, Karen (wife and Lady of the Mansion) myself and Denise (my keeper) enjoyed the sunlight and sounds of San Francisco. It was good to see him again, though the bright orange vest/jacket he was wearing no doubt made some earthquake sensitive people think that the city was going to slide into the ocean.
On other notes, Fran Ford is diligently working on the USS Reliant-Handbook. This will talk about all real time aspects of the club and should be able to answer any question that a new member would ask. To all Department Heads: do a write-up of your department. This should be a brief outline of what your department covers (the job description) but without
going into such detail as individual jobs available in each department.
That is for the Fantasy handbook. This is important folks, for if you do not make your write-up, I will and I will do it my way. Fran is taking a lot of time to make this project happen. The least we can do is to help
Events: People, we need members to step forward and suggest (and then run) events for the club. These can be small events that a portion (projected) of the membership can attend (like something that costs a small fortune to attend) or large barn-burning events that the whole family can enjoy. Also,
we are looking for an Events Coordinator. This person will write up the events calendar, contact all persons running the events to make sure they are on the ball, and form a committee to come up with new event ideas. I want to see some new faces on this committee, for the old faces have nearly exhausted their pool of event ideas. Fun events is what will keep the Reliant afloat for the next five years and beyond. Let's see this one
through. All interested persons for the Committee Chairman (open to all members 14 and up) need to contact me either by phone or by Email.
Speaking of events, the next one coming out is the premiere of Lost in Space. We are going to see it on Sunday the 5th at a matinee showing....somewhere. I will find out when and where and get help to spread the word (through Department heads and the phone tree).

Finally, I have stepped down as Sector Chief of UFPI, Sector 004. I will keep my dues current with UFPI, but will no longer work on anything more than Reliant stuff. If I have to write in reports to the new Sector Chief,
I will be asking for a volunteer to act as my assistant to write my reports and send them in.
A really finally: the hunt for an XO is narrowing down. By next meeting, I should have a candidate or (possibly) a new XO for the club.
That's all for this month's report except for one small blurb to all
Department heads: the First Responsibility of your job is to get regular monthly reports in to the newsletter editor in Chief. From what I hear, this edition is going to be skimpy, due to lack of submissions. If you (asDepartment Head) can't send a report in, find someone who will do it for
you. If you can't do that, we will have to look for a new Department Head.This completes my report for this duty cycle. As of now, I am going off duty and reporting for R&R. Lieutenant Wallace, you have the Con. Please try not to scratch the paint.
See you at the meeting.
Commodore White Whiskers of Vensre
Commanding Officer
USS Reliant, NCC-1864E

Editors Comments

Communication coming in.....
Lt. T'Sev here. Is anyone out there? Is my communicator damaged? Or has our crew gone awol again? (As our captain would say 'To the dogs') Nevertheless, the newsletter must go on.
This month we only have a few reports, and not much activity, but what you read should at least be informative if not entertaining.Thanks go to those of you who turned in reports.

This issue is being dedicated to Captain White Whiskers. He has been at the helm of our ship for a few years now, and has
ehxibited great enthusiasm and leadership abilities during his command. His great warmth and humor even make a Vulcan
almost smile.Here's to you Chris! Live Long and Prosper!

Lt. T'Sev Editor-In-Chief

Web Communications

The guest book is up and working. Please sign it, and leave any comments to your hearts content.
If you would like to make any changes or have any comments please let me know. Also as to our cyberspace adventure, we are still in space dock at epsilon station, and are waiting for orders. Where do you want to go crew? The skies the limit!
Lt. T'Sev

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When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.

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