by Captain. Arloth Talghet
Greetings from the Center Seat
Good day fellow crew and guests. This week has been a bit busy, both my wife, (our reserve ships staff counselor) and my daughter have been fighting with a bad case of bronchitis, as well as a fever. My work is short staffed and things a bit more hectic than usual. However I am still sane and functioning quite nicely thank you.
In a past article I mentioned a progam sponsored by a very real, modern space program called SETI. It is called SET@home, and it is a way anybody with a computer, a monitor and a few minutes a day can participate through a World wide web connection in a real-world possible first contact event for mankind with another intelligence. It works like this, you join the SETI @ Home organization, and they provide you with a set of diskettes and a password, which will give you a screen saver unlike anything you have ever seen before! What will come up on your screen is a view of the night sky from one of several real observatories on the Earth, and occasionally a view from our good friend and eye-in-the-sky the orbiting Hubble radio telescope. You then spent some free time at home looking at your screen saver for signs of intelligence. Don’t worry, the program comes with guidelines, a newsletter and phone numbers of people and machines to call for questions, findings etc.
Since we as an organization are planning on focusing more on the a w.w.web-based information based culture of the future, this idea of using personal computers as additional research tools for projects affecting all of mankind is an idea whose time has come, kind of like casting a vote.

Almost everyone who has been in school has been exposed in some way to the science of astronomy. And it is a more widespread knowledge of our universe that will most effect our daily lives in the future, imagine walking out under the night sky and having the ability to know where your friends and relatives are on those little points of light without having to look the names up in a book or (more likely) an internet database.
In any case if you are at all interested get on-line and go to http// and explore the Planetary society’s extensive database. I will be bringing with me a flyer and contact information to the next meeting for anyone interested to see.
On a more fun note, I took part in the away team to The Magic Edge - Fightertown USA session last Saturday, almost didn’t make it due to schedules and a lack a babysitters, but it was worth the effort, it is FUN. If you are a real-world pilot the Magic Edge offering is a bit tame, the controls are way too stiff and unresponsive and the video effects are woefully inadequate. But then this is a fantasy park, the pods really do fully enclose you and they do move you around, the sound effects are nice, not too loud and you don’t have to endure vibration from a jet engine at your back, a smelly helmet and oxygen mask or smell gas, cordite and old sweat as you would in a real fighter craft.
I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting, until then. Live long and prosper, but never forget how to have fun.

Rob Stevenson
AKA: Ian Leslie Ap Kiligaern, SCA
AKA: Arloth Talghet; STC Reliant, UPFI/SF Bridge out.


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