What Is The Fantasy Element?

The U.S.S. Reliant, in order to help our members
expand their enjoyment of Star Trek, has set up it's
internal structure to match that of a typical Starship
featured in the Star Trek genre.
There are a number of different departments a
member can join, each a multitude of duty
assignments to choose from.
We also have an on board rank structure that is
solely based on how actiuve the individual member is.
The more active you are, the more points you get
towards a higher rank, whether it be in the Enlisted
or Officer ranks.

Below is a list under development, of who in our club
is in which department. This will be updated as new
department heads are chosen, and as members decide
on which department to join.


In charge of all aspects of administrating the ship and crew. Department Head:
Captain Freinen (Francis Ford)


Number 1. He is the strong right arm of the captain, as well as filling in as Captain when she is unavailable.
Department Head: Comadore White Whiskers


Handles Bridge duties on board the ship, as well as communications, the shuttle bay, ordinance, helm and navigation control. Also oversees the day-to-day operation of the ship in general.
Department Head: Lt. Drew Warner


In charge of internal ship security, and tactical weapons station.
Department Head: Lt. Vekma (Hester Bunn)


Takes care of all the crews medical needs.
Department Head: EMH-Nick (Andy Chelman)

 Tom, I need your picture.

Scientists apply cutting edge technology for use on ship, and for exploration.
Department Head: Lt. Philip Lynx


In charge of all functional components on board, from life support to warp core.

Department Head: Lt. Ryan Wallace


Fighter Central, covering many aspects
of atmosphere and space borne starfighter combat, patrol and escort duties, plus all available ground support stations.
Dept Head: Lt. Alex Alverez


  63rd MARDET
Our Marine Detachment is for ship to
ship boarding and fast response ground
duties in heavy combat situations.
Department Head: TBD


 Services/Cargo Master
Whatever you need on board, this department is
ready to provide, within regulation.
Department Head: Randy Gibson


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