Lieutenant T'Sev

I am T'Sev. How might I be of assistance?
Tour? For what purpose? Entertainment?
A typical human motivation. As you can
see we are extremely limited in staff for
such illogical pursuits at this time. You
may look around, but please keep quiet,
and do not touch the experiments.
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 Trilithium / Veritrol Rays

A late Doctor Sauron experimented
with this highly unstable substance.
We hope to create a stable source
of energy by exposure to V. rays.

Nan-nites / Duo-tronics

An experiment to ad nanites to
the Reliants tools of operation
for sub-atomic engineering.

Quantum Time Dilations

It has been noted that in prevous
missions Star Fleet personel have
traveled in time.These experiments
are quantify the proceedure.


Bored yet? Okay, let's move on!

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