Captain White Whiskers

On Deck

Welcome to the bridge. As we are currently
docked at Epsilon Station for repairs, we are at
minimal staff. due to shore leaves.
If I am unavailable, please ask number 1 for
(Click on the Sparkling UFPI logo for music)

  Cmdr Serina Romanov

Hello.  My name is Commander Serina
Romanov, and let me welcome you aboard
the U.S.S Reliant.

As you can see I'm busy with adjusting
some navigational interfaces.  May I suggest
you visit one of the other departments,
or take a visit to our holodeck.
One of our two yeoman should be able to
guide you if you need assistance.

  Hello, My name is Cadet Gum. I've been assigned to show you around by Commander Romanov. (I can give an extra special tour
by clicking on my face, but don't tell the Captain.) Just select
the department and we'll be off.

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63rd Marines  |  Epsilon Station

 Captain Wiskers