While in Niger, Phil & Shannon met when he arrived 5 days after her, to also work at Sahel Academy. A friendship grew and shortly after
Shannon’s return to the US she and Phil were engaged.

On Dec. 3 1994, Phil & Shannon were married in CA, and a month later returned to Niger to continue serving for 2 more years at Sahel Academy as construction manager and teacher.

In December of 1996, they returned to the US on furlough with hopes of beginning a family. In July of 1997, Phil & Shannon took a leave of absence from SIM, and Phil found employment with a commercial construction firm in San Jose, CA.

On March 20th of 1998 Phil & Shannon welcomed Noah Pearce Maxwell into their family. After returning to active status with SIM in 1999, Phil & Shannon attended French language school in Quebec, Canada.

In May, 2000 they returned to California to await the arrival of their second child, Micah Ethan born August 16th. Noah & Micah are a cherished part of the Maxwell family.

Noah ........................Micah

Noah is 18, and is a freshman at John Brown University.

Micah is 16 and a junior at Sahel Academy.

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