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Catching Up on Niger News!

We got a little behind in writing to you all about kid stuff in Niger; with the flood, school moving and our computer full of pictures crashing. Now that the land is dried up, the boys are at their new campus and special thanks to an awesome tech person at the boys school—our pictures are recovered -we are back up and running! So we think it is time to catch you up on Kids News from Niger.

Same School - New Campus

What do you think it would be like to go to school in a HUGE house, with a small yard? That is what the new Secondary school campus is like. Noah and Micah are still attending Sahel Academy, just at a new and very different location.
A 10 room house has now become the Sahel campus. The school library was moved to the
large “living room” and all
assemblies are held on the roof.

Pep Rally & Softball

The yearly softball tournament –NUTS was held on the old Sahel campus. Things were dry enough and this gave everyone a boost to be back on the campus and all together.

Noah, as part of the student counsel, helped run the pep rally - sound and music was his specialty.

Micah enjoyed the ball games and helped keep score for the “Crocodile” team.

If you ever come visit Niger—
this is a fun, time to visit!



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