From the Maxwell Family, serving in Niger, West Africa
Maxwell Ministries 5432 Theresa Way, Livermore, CA 94550 ...........September 2012.......

Back to School

The first day of school arrived in mid August after a very short summer. Noah started his first year of high school (9th) and Micah his first year of Jr. High (7th)! There were amazing stories of answers to prayer and many new staff arrived to teach and serve at the school.

and then . . .

10 days later, we were
called to the school to help sand bag and move books and desks off the floors in the library and classrooms.
Heavy rains from neighboring countries were coming down the Niger river. It was expected to flood the school within the next 24 hours.

it Happened!

The waters went over the dike and flowed down the road, up against the walls and eventually onto the school campus.

The story continues >>>

Within two days the water had reached waist deep in some places. Many missionaries and student
volunteers waded through muddy waters to remove as much of the school properties as possible.
All of the library was emptied of its books. Desks, text books, book cases and more were hauled out on canoes and rafts, then put on trucks and taken to a local Nigerien school for storage.



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