From the Maxwell Family, serving in Niger, West Africa .....September 2010

Have you and your family ever helped at a community clean up day? Served food to the homeless or helped a neighbor in need? This month our family, along with students & parents from Sahel Academy went out into our community to serve.
Everyone was put on a team. Some:
  • painted playground equipment,
  • told stories at an orphanage,
  • fixed a road,
  • cleaned up a Nigerien school
  • installed lights in a church
  • washed clothes at the orphanage,
  • put on a soccer camp,
  • scrubbed & cleaned cupboards & floors,
  • replaced fences destroyed in the floods,
  • picked up garbage along the road
Everyone came away with a sense of satisfaction, happy that they had helped their neighbors and community. The best part of our day was the big “merci” (thank you) and smiles
that they got from those they helped. Think of something you can do to
help in your town, or neighborhood. Take a friend along.
You might find that you feel the same way after you reach out to your community.




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