From the Maxwell Family, serving in Niger, West Africa

Maxwell Ministries 5432 Theresa Way, Livermore, CA 94550 ..........................August 2011.......


 "Wow! It‘s so green!”.

After our time in England we flew to Georgia and spent time with our grandma and grandpa (they were celebrating their 50th wedding
anniversary). While there we did a few things that we had not done for many years—we ate at Taco Bell & McDonalds, shopped at
Wal-Mart & Best BThis summer we received a great surprise! Our family was able to travel to England and the United States after being in Niger for
the last two years!

In England we were able to see some VERY green places. We climbed rocks, visited parks and museums. It was cool and quiet. We enjoyed being outside, walking lots and riding on the train. Everything was so different from Niger that we were always saying, “Look at that!”, uy, we road on roller coasters and went tubing on the lake
with our great uncle.

We were thankful for the summer surprise. It was all lots of fun! But in the end we were ready to come “home” to see our friends and sleep in our own beds.



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