From the Maxwell Family, serving in Niger, West Africa .....August 2010

Back To School



Micah starts 5th grade with his  friend Gus
Noah, off to his first day in 7th grade!
..You probably started back to school this month, just like we did. We were really looking forward to school starting, seeing our friends, meeting new people that arrived and finding out who our teachers were.

This year, our school, Sahel Academy, has the largest number of students EVER! 140 students from around the world. In our classes we have kids from; Korea, Pakistan, Canada,
Australia, United States, Nigeria, and
England plus a few more. Some are just learning English, many
are in the country of Niger for the first time.

Though our school is growing we still do lots of “family” like activities.
We started the school year with an all school picnic with
a game of ‘capture the flag’.
It was a great way to get to know new people and have fun
with our old friends.


Painting at CURE

There is a new children’s hospital opening in Niamey. It is run by CURE and our friend’s dad is the director of the hospital. We were able to go and help paint some murals on the hospital walls. They make the hospital a
cheerful place. Next month the hospital will open and start helping children who need special operations or are very sick.



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