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March 2011.......

Paleontologists have found skeletons
of 8 different kinds of
dinosaurs in Niger’s desert. 
One of the dinosaurs discovered here is
named the Nigersaurus.

Dinosaurs Lived Here?!?

This month the first & second grade class at the boys school studied dinosaurs. There is a lot of amazing information about dinosaurs; did you know that there is a dinosaur named after Niger? The Nigersaurus. Its bones were found in the Teneri desert northeast of where we live. This colossal dinosaur is also known as the “vacuum” or “lawn mower” dinosaur. It had 600 pencil-shaped teeth and a large mouth. It was thought to have ate ferns and grasses along a great river


Sereno said “A Tuareg nomad took us to a place where he said we could see 'some big camel bones coming out of the ground,' "

Today, the area where it once lived is all desert. With temperatures reaching close to 130 degrees. In the past, scientist believe that this was a lush tropical land, with a huge river system.

What is really amazing, is that Dr. Sereno, a paleontologist, (a person that studies dinosaurs bones,) that has visited Niger several times, has found tons of dinosaur bones each time he visits; some just lying out in the desert!

Our local museum has models of some of the dinosaurs found in Niger deserts. No matter where you live, there are always interesting things to learn about God’s creation

To find out more about dinosaurs in Niger, check out these
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