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You Gotta have Heart


What does it mean to have a “heart” for something? To care? To love it? To desire the best for. To not give up ? Our family has a heart for the people of Niger. Do you have a heart for a people group somewhere in the world? There are so many needs. You may even wonder sometimes, what can I do?
Here are some suggestions of ways you can show your
“heart” for Niger, and other parts of the world.

Support missionaries that live and serve in these countries :
for them! Every day brings new challenges. They need others to support them in their efforts to meet the needs of many.

Send money that allows the missionary to live and work in the country.

Write your missionary friends. Send notes of encouragement. Send packages.

Visit your missionary friend—go for a part of your summer to help, to see what life is like where they live. Visit as a family or small team.

Find a Heart focus
Research a people group—maybe you have a heart for the Fulani people or the Native Americans.

Meet specific needs—of orphans, AIDS patients, widows or missionary kids.

Catch a vision—
Then do something about it!
Long term or short term.
Are you a teacher ? Do you like to build? Are you a nurse? Do you have some funds that you could share? Can you raise awareness?
Do you love children?

These are just a few ideas of how you can have a “heart” for the needs of the world. Pray that God will open your eyes and your heart to a people or place that needs to know more about his love for them.

You’re never to young to have heart.



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