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September 2017

A Letter From Phil in England

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers, emails and phone calls of encouragement, this past month regarding my trip to England for kidney surgery.

I'm grateful to the Lord for answered prayer in a successful surgery and current healing. I still have 3 weeks of healing before the surgeon will allow me to leave the country. The reason is there is a 1% risk that the artery and vein in the kidney will NOT completely join back together, which would cause internal bleeding and require additional emergency surgery.

Please continue to pray, especially that everything would heal as it should. God is sovereign and we continue to trust in Him and his mercy.

I have also "caught" a cold and sore throat from my host. Pray I recover quickly, and that this does not negatively impact my ongoing recovery from surgery. Otherwise, I feel healthy and am able to get out and exercise each day.
I keep up with Maxwell Ministries book keeping, administration, and daily correspondence with those in Niger and around the world, while here in the UK.

One very important and pressing prayer request regards our insurance company. To date they have not approved any claims, I've filed with them regarding the appointments, procedures and surgery. I've sent them ALL the hospital invoices, information, Dr's reports that the hospital here has provided, and the insurance company is still responding the invoices and reports are not enough. PRAY for God's work in the insurance company's representatives lives, for acceptance and approval of the claims. The first procedures I've had to pay on a credit card, so there is no pressure on the insurance company to reimburse, yet is a cost to us.

I believe God will work this out for His honor and glory, its His money, and whether He provides all the funds through Maxwell Ministries or has the insurance company pay as they should, it’s up to Him.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers, encouragement and support.


Phil Maxwell


UPDATE September 25, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Today I have and x ray to make sure there are no kidney stones. IF all is clear, the Dr will clear me to go back to Niger. Then I will need to rebook my flight to Niger.
And there is still insurance bills needed paying, by the insurance company.

Thanks for your prayers for me and my family as well.




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