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September 2016

A Time to Pray & A Time to Praise

Please pray for Chaibou, who is the Property Manager of the Maxwell Ministries office and home in Niger. Our dear friend has been sick for over 8 weeks with both malaria and typhoid. After 3 separate treatments and relapses, he is improving, yet still under watchful care of a missionary doctor. Please continue to pray for complete healing for Chaibou, AND for spiritual healing in Jesus Christ. Pray for Phil who has had to oversee the care of Chaibou, and take back his responsibilities during his sickness- a challenge from a continent away. Thank you for praying for Noah. Through you and others, God provided needed finances for his first semester at John Brown University, and he is adjusting to being away from home, new schedules & opportunities to serve. Pray that he will draw his strength and comfort from the Lord, growing as a young adult in his personal prayer life. If you would like to send Noah a note or package, his address is: Noah Maxwell .... JBU Box 3140,
Siloam Springs AR 72761


Please pray as Orphanage outreach started last week in Niger. We have many new students joining the team and Shannon is grateful for those who have stepped in to lead until she returns in January.

Home Assignment, What's That?

Home Assignment RECONNECTS us with family and friends, as well as our home country. Long separations from ministry partners result in a decline of ministry partners. So the need to reconnect is important.

Home Assignment allows us to RECONNECT and to REPORT ministry achievements, challenges, goals and vision along with prayer and financial partnership opportunities in person. Personal appearances keep partners connected and unified in ministry.

Home Assignment helps us REFUEL spiritually, physically and emotionally so we can return to minister healthier and stronger with renewed vision and joy.

We have not been able to leave behind all of the work in Niger. While here on HA, our Property Manager in Niger has been very sick, and we have to care for him (and his responsibilities) from “a far”. Other ministry needs are kept before us as well. This makes refueling difficult, as the tank continues to be drained.

Pray for our family as we
seek a balance during this
Home Assignment.

Home Assignment Meetings

During Home Assignment, one objective is in reporting to churches and partners in ministry. We share with them the work in Niger; accomplishments, challenges, and goals for the future. We clearly lay out our prayers and financial support needs.
Some of the work during the past 7 years in Niger

In August and September we met with churches, pastors and ministry partners from Georgia, Oklahoma and Kansas. Many of these have been faithful partners for many years. We continue to build new relationships as we share over a meal or prayer time; ministry partnership opportunities for God’s kingdom work in Niger.
In the upcoming weeks we are scheduled to speak in 2 churches in Georgia, and are traveling to meet with other ministry partners in Arkansas and Kansas.
Pray that we use this reporting time to clearly share the needs and ministry opportunities in Niger , even with those we encounter on a daily basis. Pray for an increase in monthly financial partners as several faithful ones are close to going to be with the Lord. As they “graduate to glory” there is opportunity for others to fill the gap, to join the ministry ,and help meet the support need of $900/month.

Investment Opportunity

How often have you thought of Missions as an “investment opportunity”? Unlike a stock, bond, or business investment, you are investing for eternity by giving towards God’s kingdom work. An investment that shares the love of Jesus with a part of the world that you may never be able to reach or impact on your own. This investment may lead to the salvation of one person, or many people. It will develop Christ followers, and meet human needs. Would you or others you know consider being a monthly prayer and financial partner ?

It’s not that much when you break it down into small portions.

Would you consider investing in the work in Niger?

Donations may be sent to: Maxwell Ministries, 5432 Theresa Way, Livermore, CA 94550

Gifts may be given online at: https://www.givetransform.org/maxwell-ministries.html





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