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September 2013

He Provides

This summer was a testimony to our family of how God provides
for our needs.

As we anticipated a couple of months out of Niger back in January, little did we know how much we would need that rest—after facing a flood, moving schools, churches, power outages and increased security in the city—we were in need of some rest, outside of Africa.

“ . . .put your hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.”
I Timothy6:17

Many prayers of ours were answered, as God provided, through some of you, the funds to make our trip to the US possible. We were thankful for the great airfare, smooth connections and accommodations when we arrived in the US. God provided, a home with a pool, to house sit for one week and a beautiful cabin in the mountains of California, for another week. Perfect retreats for our tired family. He also made available vehicles for us to use while both in GA and CA.

While in both Georgia and California, God provided, opportunities for us to share in small groups about our work in Niger. To fellowship with two of our supporting churches, to make new friends, to meet with old friends and to have a couple of opportunities to pray with men and women who care for the needs of our family and the people of Niger.

Our time in California, with Shannon ‘s parents, was full. While with them we were able to visit many special places and people. Treasured moments were had for the boys with grandparents, and with Shannon and her uncle who went to be with Jesus just a week after our arrival back in Niger.

We are very thankful that God provided people to care for our house in Niger while we were away. No small job with power outages, bills to be paid and a dog to be fed.

Since returning we have been able to reflect on how grateful we were for the time we had to reconnect, rest, tour sites and eat a few fast food burgers. SMILE!

Now, as we pick up our ministry responsibilities we pray that God will provide us wisdom and time to serve. That we will be open to new possibilities, that we will be content in the long term areas of service. Already, relationship building with the handicap men at the market, welder and mechanics have opened back up. Shannon is serving on the school campus in the library and is excited with the growth of the Moms In Touch prayer group, now that they are back on the Sahel campus. Orphanage service will begin again when the French schools open back up at the end of September.

On August 29th, the Niger river rose, just like last year, over the levee, flooding homes and roads along the river; at this time, the school campus remains dry. The prayer is that the flood wall constructed over the summer, around the school , will keep the water out. Our boys, along with other teams of workers, spent their weekend shoveling dirt, and moving bricks to shore up weak areas. Continue to pray that God will hold back the waters.


We are thankful we serve the God who is able to provide immeasurably more than we could ever imagine .

The Maxwell Family,

Phil, Shannon, Noah, Micah



Pray with us that He Will Provide:

  • Support Needs-$1,500/mo.
  • Funds for:
    Noah and Micah’s schooling $3,000 fall semester
    Dental and medical insurance $1,000
  • Strength, Wisdom and Grace
  • Security in the city
  • Protection from Flooding
  • Ministry and outreach opportunities.

We know that God has provided,
and that he will continue to do so.

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