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Phil & ShannonMaxwell .....................Serving in Niger, West Africa.....................July 2010

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Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Celebrating our First Year

Looking back over the last year, we are thankful to the Lord for many blessings; renewing of relationships and building new ones, meaningful prayer times, good health, a wonderful house for our family, and a positive adjustment to life back in Niger for us and the boys.
We are grateful to celebrate our first year in Niger with David Stimmel and his college age daughter, Larissa. David and his wife, Julie, are long time friends and supporters, and David is Maxwell Ministries CFO. David and Larissa were able to experience life in Niger; including power and water outages, unexpected visitors dropping by, grocery shopping at the market, and the heat. They were also able to meet those that we minister with and work side by side with them; the children and directors of the CSEN orphanage, the ACEN church leaders and members, Hassane and his Pastor, missionaries, and friends from the village of Kanazi.

David and Larissa were an encouragement to many by working alongside missionaries and nationals during their 2 week stay. Here are some ways they served

*Orphanage—installing 12 lights and painting playground equipment. Purchasing food with funds raised in California by David.

*ACEN Church - repairing a wall around the church property, a bathroom for the pastor & his wife, and church. Installing lights in and around the church.

*CURE Hospital—they saw the work of the new hospital run by some of our friends, and were able to help paint murals in the children’s center

*Sahel Academy—the boys school, they helped with landscaping ; lawn cutting and planting new trees and shrubs.

* Hassane’s home—a time to meet Hassane’s family. Hassane had stayed in the Stimmel home in CA twice over the last couple of years. They also helped install some outdoor security lights.

Lest you think they only worked during their time here, they didn’t. They had some time to see the sites; a ride down the Niger river, see hippos, hand made pottery, a camel ride, giraffes and a couple of shopping

trips and a visit to the local museum.
We are thankful for friends who serve alongside us with a heart for the people of Niger and a desire to serve in practical ways. It is a testimony to our national friends that they are prayed for and cared for by people in the United States. Their visit also encourages us. Though our

routine and work changes a bit when visitors come, we are grateful that we can share first hand the good and the difficult parts of living and serving in the country of Niger.
We are thankful that you pray for us and our Short Term Mission teams when they

come, because of the increased spiritual warfare we experience during those times of opportunities.
We pray their time here was a testimony of God’s love to our Nigerien friends and coworkers.

Opportunities to Give:

*Schooling for Noah & Micah-$5,000
*Medivac 2010 –2011 Ins. Premium-$1,700
*Travel to the US for 6-8 weeks in 2011
$8,000 + housing for rest & visiting
supporting churches & friends.

If you would like to contribute financially, send your gifts to:
Maxwell Ministries
5432 Theresa Way,
Livermore, CA 94550
Note the gift designation.

Maxwell Ministries held its annual business meeting in Niamey, Niger for the first time on July 13, attended by; board members Hassane Dan Karami, David Stimmel, Phil & Shannon Maxwell & Dale Franz via SKYPE.

Thanking our Lord for the privilege of serving Him, in Niger and partnering with you and the Nigeriens.

Phil, Shannon, Noah and Micah



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