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April 2012

Marketplace Ministry

God has opened some doors for sharing the gospel in our local market, both in word and deed. Phil and Micah have been developing relationships with several handicapped business men in the market just blocks from our home. Issa and Ouesman are the men who run the center. They run a business of making chairs of hand woven nylon and selling them. They also train and assist start up businesses for other men and boys with handicaps. The men and boys working there are “handicapped ” in some physical way; blind, lame or deaf. Issa teaches the men a trade; weaving chairs, repairing old soccer balls and making new ones from pieces of leather.

Recently Issa’s wife, Fati, and a group of “handicapped” women have opened a shop in the market and Phil has been able to give them some set up pointers, and helped them apply for a grant from the American Women’s Club of Niamey.

These men and women challenge us to look beyond physical disabilities and see that they do not have to resort to begging on the streets. They are able to earn a living and be proud of the work that they do.

Though their physical handicaps are overcome with special wheelchairs, bikes, motorcycles and new skills, their spiritual handicap can only be overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ. Please pray that as Phil’s relationship grows with these men and their wives that he will have more opportunities to share openly about Jesus and their need for a personal relationship with him. He has given Issa the Jesus Film on DVD and been able to share parts of the gospel.

Jesus loved the hurting, the handicapped, the blind and the deaf. He healed many of them. May we see these men and women through the eyes of Jesus. Men, women and children who need to know His love and receive spiritual healing.

It's A Girl!

The ACEN Church celebrated new life this past month as the pastor and his wife welcomed a new baby. We rejoice in this new healthy little girl named Denise. Pray with the family as they raise her up to know and serve Jesus. We were encouraged by the testimony demonstrated
during Denise's baby dedication. Pray that the God’s spirit will use this ceremony to plant seeds and bring about spiritual fruit in the lives of those who attended

Follow Up

A Seeker of Truth

In our last newsletter we let you know about a woman at the market who was seeking to know more about Jesus.
After giving her a copy of the Jesus film and directing her to a local church, she continues to search for the truth. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in her life leading her to salvation.


The translation work being done for Multiplication Network Ministries by Hassane and his co-workers was completed . Hassane traveled to Tanzania to review the finished work alongside the original English publication, in an actual seminar. These materials are already being used in Niger and the Congo. The team is now moving ahead with translating the materials into Hausa.

The God Story Project has been translated into Gulmancema but needs to be put on a computer and edited and revised. Pray that the translators will be disciplined in setting aside time to complete this important work.

Seeing Fruit

In missions it often takes many years to see the fruitSahel Students from 1995 of our service. Shannon has had the opportunity this year to see several of her former students as they have returned to
Niger to visit or serve. It is a joy to see how they have “grown up”; not only in physical ways, but that they have matured and taken on big responsibilities, pursued service and continue to walk with the Lord.

Praise the Lord that he allows us to see the fruit.

Thank You for Praying For...

Safety: For daily safety as we travel on the roads here in the busy city. While there is unrest in Mali and Nigeria who neighbor us, pray for the Lord’s protection and provision.

Health: We are grateful that our family remains healthy. Pray as malaria seasons approaches that we continue to
remain healthy and strong.

Ministry: Pray for God’s ongoing work in maturing and disciplining leaders in the ACEN Church as they face some difficult decisions



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