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Febuary/March 2017

Love in Action

Missions is about serving. Sometimes it is serving a specific group, church, family or community. Over our years of service in missions, we have found that sometimes sharing Jesus with others is not through powerful messages behind a pulpit or with an open Bible, but through a kind gesture, warm greeting, consistent friendship, a visit, a helping hand, or a word of encouragement. In 1 John, we are reminded that our service is a way of showing love to those around us. And by showing love we are also showing Jesus.
Pray with us that we will be an example of Jesus’ love to our neighbors; even the ones who constantly kick the soccer ball over the wall and into our yard , or park in front of our gate. To the taxi man who cut us off or pulled over without signaling, to our workers who don’t always arrive on time. To my students, children and spouse.
Pray for our family, as each morning, we ask God to give us opportunities to put our love into action.

Helping a friend prepare teaching materials for her ministry training local teachers

Phil praying for those who work in military/police & security jobs—to be honest, Christ like and protected.

Spending time listening and helping as you can

Taking time to play with the orphanage kids.

Mopping floors after a school event

Taking your Saturday morning to teach the younger kids how to play baseball.

Prayer & Praise

Pray for Phil and his contacts with merchants and repair men. That his honest dealings and patient responses will be a testimony of Jesus shining through him.

Pray as he continues to keep the generator functioning efficiently during power outages as hot season is starting.

Pray as he continues to meet with a local pastor, praying and encouraging him with his church and a small business selling ice.

Pray for Shannon and her class of students—she has sensed the Lord has given her a special class this year, with several students who need a place to find success and joy. Pray she can be an encouragement to those who struggle academically that they will find success by being creative and learning new skills.

Pray for the orphanage team, as the hot season approaches—that they will have energy to serve after long days at school.

Praise that Micah had a safe trip to and from the neighboring country of Burkina Faso as he competed in a recent international softball tournament.

Pray as he continues to study and serve at Sahel both on grounds and praise and worship team.

Praise that Noah passed another CLEP exam this week—for his good study habits which put him on the Dean’s list his first semester.

Pray as he travels to Shannon’s parents, in GA, over spring break. Praise that former Sahel students continue to connect with one another!
 Noah’s Mailing Address: Noah Maxwell JBU Box 3140 2000 West University Street Siloam Springs, AR 72761

We celebrated Phil’s 50th Birthday & Valentines Day with some delicious African food!

Praise for the faithfulness of our board members over
the past 9 years.

Pray as the days warm up that we will pace ourselves.

We Praise the Lord as He supplies our needs, and we continue to pray that He will increase our prayer & financial support. team.

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