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November 2011

Transforming Lives

Old 160 KW gen. removed

New 250 KW gen installed

Generators are important in Niamey, the capital city of Niger, where we live. In fact, on a recent 40ft container which arrived from the US, there were 6 or more generators for missionaries. With frequent power outages, many are relying on backup generators to keep them going during the hot days and nights. We were grateful for our backup generator as we were having ADDITIONAL outages due to an overloaded transformer for our block, whose safety breaker kept switching off during peak usage; usually from 8:30 –11pm, right when we were trying to go to sleep. We had asked for prayer for over 6 months, that the transformer would be replaced with a larger one. We didn’t have much hope, as the city’s electric company struggles to keep up with repairs. Some have been waiting for years to have a new transformer installed. Several weeks ago, we were surprised by a call that our transformer was to be changed out. Since then, our evenings have been transformed from darkness to light! We still have frequent power outages, including in the evenings, but only when it is the whole city, or our side of the river. Continue to pray that the city power outages would be resolved AND thank you for praying. God was gracious in answering our prayers.

Just as a new transformer renewed power, hope and rest to weary minds and bodies, we are reminded that God is in the process of renewing us and transforming lives. In Romans 12:2 we are told; “not to conform to the pattern of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.” Often, work, ministry and other things overload our minds and they trip off the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Spending time, daily, in God’s word and time with Him in prayer and meditation ensures our minds will be daily transformed and we will “be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” As we are transformed, the lives of those we work with and seek to evangelize will be transformed as well.

Transformation thru the God Story Project

Pastor Bilimpo and Steve, from our ACEN Church had the privilege to attend a translation training seminar in October for the God Story Project. http://www.gods-story.org
The seminar was held in Tamale, Ghana, a two day bus trip from Niamey. It was hosted by Jesse Walters, from our supporting church, Grace Baptist in Evans, GA. Pastor Bryan and Brent were able to assist with the missions trip and seminar. We are grateful for the transformation that is occurring in Nigerien lives through the God Story in several languages already. Pastor Bilimpo and Steve will be translating the God Story into Gourmantchement over the next 6 months.

They will then return to Ghana to put the translation into an audio format that follows the story book presentation. This program will be used for evangelism to more than 250,000 Gourma speaking people in the Niger-Burkina Faso region. Pray for God’s Word to go forth and transform lives as we continue to partner with the God Story Project and Grace Baptist Church.


Transformation thru local

Evangelism Festival

November 16-19th there will be a city wide evangelism festival hosted by the Association of Missions and Evangelical Churches of Niger (AMEEN). During the day medical clinics will be held throughout the city and in the evenings, a time of preaching and spiritual transformation in peoples lives. Pray that God’s word will go forth. Pray that the evangelical churches, including our ACEN Church, will follow up in planting new brothers and sisters into the local church, seeking to disciple these new believers into strong mature men and women of God. That we might all grow up in the body of Christ.

Embracing what God does for you is the
best thing you can do for him.
Don't become so well-adjusted to your
culture that you fit into it
without even thinking.
Instead, fix your attention on God.
You'll be changed from the inside out.
Readily recognize what he wants from
you, and quickly respond to it.
Unlike the culture around you,
always dragging you down to its
level of immaturity,
God brings the best out of you, develops
well-formed maturity in you.

Romans 12:2
(The Message)

Transformation thru Education

Noah and Micah are being daily transformed by attending school at Sahel Academy. They are learning of God’s creativity and plan for their lives through studies in; math, science, Bible, music, PE, social studies, art and so much more.
We are grateful for the privilege they have in receiving a good education based upon principles found in God’s word. Pray with us for donors who would give
toward their annual schooling need of $6,000.

If you would like to give toward their schooling needs, you may send a gift to:
Maxwell Ministries, 5432 Theresa Way, Livermore, CA. 94550.
Make the check out to Maxwell Ministries and put on the memo: boys education




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