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October 2017

God is Faithful & Merciful

“I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.” Psalm 89: 1

Thankful for our Niger missionary friends who helped from the very beginning to get Phil connected with doctors and pastors from their home church in Nottingham. Phil was encouraged greatly by their contacts whom he can now call friends.

It was a miracle how God brought Phil to his surgeon, Dr. Khan, for the medical care he needed. Pray that he will understand the faithfulness of God and how he was a part of God’s story.

It was an encouragement to reconnect with former Niger missionaries and see how God has continued to use them to minister to the needs of international people in the UK.

Since Phil’s return to Niger 2 weeks ago, after being in the UK for kidney stone surgery, we have continued to marvel at the faithfulness and mercy that God showed in the care and provision of our family during this journey of the last 5 months.

On May 1, when Noah was struck by a car – God spared his life, and protected his health. He was able to finish his finals, and fly out to Niger just 10 days after his accident.

In July, we traveled by bus, to a mission hospital 8 hours away, where Shannon had surgery to remove a benign cyst from her back. We were grateful for safe travels, and a successful surgery with no complications and complete healing.

During the trip for Shannon’s surgery, Phil was being treated for what was thought to be a prostate infection. After returning from Shannon’s surgery, a CAT scan revealed that Phil had a large (2cm) kidney stone which would require specialized surgery outside of Niger. Once this was known, plans were set in motion to evacuate Phil to the UK; an airplane ticket was purchased for the following day (August 2), airport pick up and housing arrangements were made for him in the UK. Within hours of leaving Niger, and arriving in the UK, Phil met his host family, went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital . The next day the specialist determined Phil’s case was not life threatening and could be scheduled as elective surgery, with the earliest possible date being in one months’ time .

Meanwhile Shannon and Micah were in Niger, and Noah in Georgia & Arkansas. With tears of gratitude mixed with tears of uncertainty and fear we bear witness to God’s faithful loving care and provision through HIS body of believers worldwide. From those in Niger who put us in contact with caregivers in the UK; to those who gave financially and prayed during the whole journey; to those who hosted Phil during his time; to others in churches who connected Phil with the right specialist for surgery; to the taxi driver in another church who faithfully drove Phil to his appointments and surgery in a city one hour away, and those who cared for Phil during his one month recovery; God’s love was shown to us through the hands and feet of His children and those He loves.

The journey began, with fear and uncertainty, yet each step of the way, God has been faithful to show His love to us across many miles. We did not know how the story would end, and perhaps it is not yet finished, as we now have new relationships built in the UK, but for now we see that this journey has reunited us and restored Phil’s health. We also know that our family, and you who prayed for us along this journey, have a new monument of God’s faithfulness and mercy.

Prase & Prayer

Micah has filled the last two months with school, softball, and service. His heart to serve has led him to be a part of the worship team at school, setting up the grounds for the softball tournament, and being a teachers aide in Shannon’s FAD class. He has been diligent in his studies and has been increasing his Hausa language learning with a tutor during one of his study halls each week. We are thankful for his good health and humble sportsmanship as he took a lead role with his school competitive softball team during the tournament.

Shannon has returned to guiding her group of Sahel students as they serve at the CSEN orphanage. This semester the teens are focusing on teaching some basic English to the children. This is a new direction for the team and everyone seems eager to participate.

Thank you for praying for Amina, she has returned after several months in France, where she had two ear surgeries.



Pray for her continued treatment and need for hearing aids or implants.

Noah has finished the first quarter of his sophomore year at JBU. He was able to drive to Kansas to visit Niger missionary friends over the October break.

We continue to pray for God’s faithfulness in providing the $5,000 needed for Noah’s spring semester, for his health and walk with the Lord.

Prayer & Praise

We praise the Lord for the gifts sent to help with unexpected the cost of medical and travel expenses.

Praise the Lord for restored health and pray that Phil can keep hydrated and avoid further kidney stones

Pray for perseverance & strength during multiple power cuts.

Pray for joy in our ministries. That we will be a light in the darkness of Niger.

Pray for Noah & Micah to continue growing strong in the Lord.

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