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October 2, 2017

Phil's Return to Niger

Dear Friends and Family,

After two long months, Phil begins his journey back to Niger today. We are thankful that over these months we have seen the faithfulness of God as He has provided housing, good medical care and some financial gifts to help off –set the cost of this unexpected trip and surgery.

We are also thankful that God watched over Micah and myself while remaining here in Niger. The last several weeks have been especially difficult for me as there have been almost daily power outages, some lasting most of the day . The rains have finished and the heat is increasing; everyone is experience daily fatigue.

Please be in prayer as Phil travels; Monday UK to Paris . Tuesday – Pairs to Niger. Pray for good connections, comfortable seats and safe journey. He should arrive in Niamey at 3:15 PM, our time, on Tuesday .

Praise that Phil is feeling much better, and for the good care he received while in the UK.

Pray for Micah and myself as we have had a VERY busy 2 months with school starting, school events, ball practice and fundraisers on top of the care for the house and cars ( which have been in the shop every other week) This week begins a very busy week leading up to the school/international soft ball tournament. Micah’s class and parents sponsor this event so we are preparing food and drinks for the community and all the out of town and country visitors.

Pray for Noah as he approaches his midterms; for a good balance of study and rest.

Thank you for lifting our family up. We have been encouraged.

Shannon for Phil, Micah and Noah


UPDATE October 4, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for praying for Phil who is FINALLY home in Niger after being in
the UK for Kidney Stone surgery on Aug 30th. What was thought would be a 2
week trip, turned out to be 2 months.

We are still "treasuring these things up in our hearts" as we marvel at how
God provided each step of the way.

Thank you for praying during that time for housing for Phil, for his
surgery, for insurance issues, and for Shannon and Micah who continued on in

The past 2 months have been the longest I have been away from Shannon and
our family in our 23 years of marriage. It's wonderful to be back together

PRAISE the Lord for God's hand and provision in surrounding Phil with
members of God's family who have cared and encouraged him during his month
of waiting and getting surgery scheduled in the UK then the one month of
recovery away from family.

We had to make all the flight and lodging arrangements which our Insurance
does NOT cover. They only cover the surgery and time in hospital.
If you would like to assist with the financial costs, you may send donations
to "Maxwell Ministries", add a note on separate paper "for medical
expenses". Thank you for your contribution towards these expenses. You are a
great encouragement and part of God's provision.

Pray for Phil as he seeks to stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet so that
there will NOT be a recurrence of kidney stones.


We are thankful for Micah's cheerful and helpful attitude, and the good work
ethic he has. He is a joy to us as he continues his Senior year at Sahel
Academy. This weekend he will participate in an annual softball tournament
attended by players from neighboring countries. This is a much anticipated
event which Micah looks forward to each year. Pray for safety and that he
will be witness for the Lord during the tournament. Pray as Micah completes
2 online courses, along with his fall semester workload, and as he begins to
consider and make plans for his ongoing education after his senior year. He
has been accepted to John Brown University for which we are grateful.

Shannon is teaching a class of 8 students in Fabrics and Arts class and on
Wednesday leads a group of Sahel Academy students in outreach ministry to
the CSEN Orphanage children. She leads Mom's in Touch on Thursday mornings.
Thank you for praying that she will be salt and light to her students and
young people at the orphanage.

Thank you for continuing to pray Shannon and for Micah, who were alone in
Niger caring for the house, maintenance, paying bills and rent, ect, while
Phil was in the UK. Recently there were nights of power outages, burnt out
security lights, and ceiling fans, van in the shop several times, which
Shannon has to have repaired or replaced. Shannon and Micah need rest from
these things.

On August 22, Noah began his sophomore year at JBU. We are grateful for
Noah's diligence in his university studies. He is on the Dean's list with a
GPA of 3.96.Thanks for praying for him and the need for $10,000 for his
2017-18 academic year. We PRAISE the Lord for the funds received to pay for
his Fall semester; just days before the beginning of the semester, the last
amount needed was received. Continue to pray as $5000 is needed for his
spring semester.

Pray for both Noah and Micah to grow in spiritual maturity during this year.

The CSEN construction is advancing at their new location outside of town.
Thus far the boys dorm, girls dorm, and director's house have been
completed. The cafeteria has been painted and is almost completed. Thank you
for continued prayers as the construction advances. Pray for the young teens
at the orphanage, that during the weekly meetings with the Sahel Academy
outreach team, there will be spiritual growth and maturing in God's Word.
Pray for some of the teens who are in trade school programs such as
carpentry, auto repairs, and sewing/seamstress school.

Pray for needed teachers at Sahel Academy to fill many gaps left by staff
leaving due to illness or end of term home assignments. Pray also for
Micah's friendships.

Continue to pray for missionaries Ken Elliot (almost 2 years in captivity-in
his 80's) and Jeff Woodke ( 1 year captivity -in his 50's) who were abducted
at different times in the Niger/Burkina area. There has been no news or
word of them since their abductions. Pray for their release and return to
their families, for their wives, children and grandchildren, and that they
would be salt and light where Jesus currently is keeping them.

We are reminded daily to praise the Lord for our health and safety as many
we know in the mission community have battled difficult illnesses, been in
recent car/motorcycle accidents, and the security in the city and regions
around us remains unstable.

Continue to pray that the Lord would lead others to partner with us on a
month by month basis. Praise the Lord we have had $700/mo promised toward
this need. As God has been faithful in the past, we know he will be faithful
now and in the future.


Phil & Shannon Maxwell
David Stimmel
Dale Franz
Hassane Dan Karami



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