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God at Work . . .......Sept/October, 2010

God loves to work in our lives, and answer our prayers. Early this month, we were praying for the needs of our friend Adamou. He is the 8 year old boy who had an infection in his leg earlier in the year and we cared for him in and out of the hospital. This month he broke that leg. It was determined that the earlier infection, Osteomyelitis, had never fully healed and had entered the bone causing the break.

We worked with a missionary doctor friend to get him into both local hospitals, but they were full. We were unsure of the next step in care and met together to pray; committing to do what we could to share the love of Jesus to this unsaved family. We contacted a friend with the SIM missionary hospital in Galmi to see if they could help.
We were told that in 2 hours an orthopedic surgeon would be arriving on the Air France flight from the US to work at the hospital for one month. He had already worked at the hospital previously and would know if they would be capable of helping Adamou.

We were able to meet Dr. Johnstone and his wife who graciously agreed to go with us and see Adamou and review his X-ray . (All this within 2 hrs of getting off the plane.)

Dr. J views the
x-ray of Adamou's broken leg

Dr. J examines
Adamou before he sends him to Galmi

Dr. Johnstone said he would be able to do the surgery - even though it would be a long recovery process. On Sept 6th, Dr. J operated on both legs, at the SIM Galmi Hospital a 6 hour bus ride from Niamey. He repaired the broken leg and remove part of the other hip joint. There is still a month more of recovery including antibiotics for the infection and physical therapy to learn to walk again.

Adamou is now out of the hospital and back in the village recovering. Hopefully this next week he can have his external brace removed and begin putting weight on his leg as he continues with antibiotics.

Pray for his family as they have been a part of a miracle, but haven’t attributed these events to God at work, just “fate”. We were able to give a clear presentation of the gospel to Chibou (Shy boo), Adamou's older brother, explaining that the timing and arrival of a specialist surgeon from the US-was of God. We encouraged him and his family to consider having a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. Pray that the seeds planted would take root and grow, for God's honor and glory.

In the ChurchOur family has been praying for our church that God would bring unity to the church elders and body of believers. That He would sanctify the property and set it aside to be used in ways that glorify Him. We believe God is answering, though not in ways we had expected. Last month the church pastor was asked to resign from his position after choosing to take a second wife and making some unwise business transactions. Pray for the church, that it will seek after God & look to the Bible for guidance. Pray for Posse that he will turn his heart back to God.

In the Orphanage
This month the children returned to school. Pray for the children as they adjust to new schedules and teachers. Pray for their health, as several have malaria. Pray for the students from Sahel Academy who are visiting the children each week, that this would be a time of encouragement for all involved.


Our family along with the students & parents from the boys school (Sahel Academy), reached out to our community. We went out in several teams to serve at the orphanage, repairing church columns, installing lights, trash pick up and a soccer outreach to local students. Praise the Lord for this weekend of service.

Focus on Prayer We desire to spend more time in prayer each day for the ACEN Church, CSEN Orphanage and the needs of our friends, fellow missionaries in Niger, & you our supporters. We appreciate your specific prayers for what the Lord is doing in us and thru us in Niger.

 Praising Him for all HE has done,
The Maxwells
Phil, Shannon, Noah & Micah

Please pray for: Support needs. Good health. Safety. Funds for a visit to churches and family this summer. Steady power in the city

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