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January 2011

Sharing in the Joy

Service requires being involved. Sometimes it means we get dirty
and muck around in some tough stuff.

Other times, we get to
participate in the celebrations
and joys of those we serve.

Two highlights of celebrating this past month were at the ACEN church and the CSEN orphanage.

We are thankful that we could be
a part of these celebrations and
that you can share in this
joy with us.

“let them talk about what
He has done as they
sing with Joy. “
Ps. 107:22

Church Celebrates
This being our second Christmas at the church we were more prepared for what to expect—an all day celebration! Christmas day, we joined the church members and their friends in a time of singing, dancing, & focus on the Christmas message. After a brief break, to wait for the sheep to finish roasting, we all sat down to a “feast” of sheep and soda served by the church elders and Phil.

Orphans Receive

There was lots of Christmas joy for the children at the orphanage this year.
The Sahel students came and played games, had yummy treats and passed out gifts sent from a church in Australia for each
of the children.

We also joined the US Ambassador and her embassy staff along with the Marines as they hosted a Christmas Eve day, Toys for Tots, meal and gift giving. It was a fun time to see the joy on the kids faces and to have the interaction with the embassy workers.

We are grateful that there are others that come to help, give joy and play with the orphanage children.




. . .the Lord that our financial needs were met in 2010. We were able to end the year fully funded. To those of you who had a part in giving to this need—
thank you.

. . .for the cooler weather— this means 70’s and 80’s instead of the usual 90’s & 100’s.

. . .for daily protection; health, safety.



. . . .for the boys as they return to school this week.—pray for a good second semester. Pray for new teachers arriving for this second half of the year.

. . .for those who have lost their homes and crops for the second time as the river floods once again.
. . . for elections being held this month in Niger. the largest being for the new president(1/31) the first election since the coup last year—please pray that all will remain calm.

. . . that the church will seek out a new pastor to lead and teach.

. . . Funds for a summer trip out of Niger to see family and friends.

. . . Those that would join our financial support team

Shannon, along with two missionary friends—raised money at the Christmas Bazaar. It was lots of fun and a great way to reach out to the community.

A gift from our church in Georgia added to our
family Christmas
Safety Update

We are always mindful of the Lords protection, and recent activities in Niamey–made us even more so. On January 7th—a kidnapping of two French men took place from a local restaurant. Though there has, over the past year, been activity by “terrorists” away from the capital city, this was the first incident here in the city. Please remember to pray for our safety and the safety of other ex-patriots living in our area. We know that we are in God’s hands, and remain vigilant while we are out and about town.


Looking Ahead

Building to begin—the church is looking to begin building the remainder of the wall around the property, putting a gate in place and making solid bricks to begin construction of a church building.
The church is encouraging its members to give towards these construction needs in the year 2011.

As the new year begins, we look to the Lord to grow our financial support base. We have had a sharp decrease in giving the month of January. We must increase our faith and prayer that support of the ministry will continue. Please pray with us that in the months to come, people will be touched to commit to giving towards the work in Niger.

Finanial Corner

Monthly Support Needed $1,200
Additional Needs
Travel $ 3,500
Medical$ 1,750
Boys Schooling $5,000



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