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April, 2018

He Cares For Us

“ the Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him”

Nahum 1:7


Here is a brief reflection on how we have taken refuge in our God and how He has cared for us in recent days.

He has shown His care for us.

Providing dental care as Micah had his wisdom teeth removed.

The gift of a pre–owned dryer to replace our broken one.
Phil’s follow up scan was CLEAR!!

We have a working generator during our power and water outages.

Providing a missionary family to stay in our house while we are on Home Assignment.

He will care for our needs

Airfare for our return to the US in June- $3,000

Replacement of Shannon’s ministry camera—it has finally “worn” out.

Health and stamina in the hot season—temps are reaching over 107* each day now.

Someone to take over leading the Sahel outreach team to CSEN, next school year.

Family health.

College finances.

Spiritual growth in the local church. Need for depth.

Salvation and health for our friend and employee, Chibou.

CSEN—Bernard and the children managing without Josee.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family as we serve in Niger.

This is a HUGE praise!! Phil’s follow– up scan showed NO kidney stones!! Thank you for all your prayers! He continues to drink lots and watch his diet to prevent a recurrence of kidney stones. We are thankful that he has been given a clear follow up and can wait till next year for another scan.



These 4 little ones from the CSEN orphanage all moved to new homes this last month—please pray as they adjust to their new families.

What is This?!?!?


Noah is coming to the end of his second year at JBU. His hard work has paid off and he reached Junior status in December. He enjoyed a special spring break in California with Shannon’s aunt and his roommate, Marcos. They packed it full with a concert, movies, games, museums, sky diving (indoors) and a trip to the snow! We are thankful for family that continues to invest in Noah while we are far away. Continue to pray for Noah as he balances studies, work, social life and his spiritual growth.


Micah’s senior year is coming to a end. Though he graduated early from his studies, he has continued to be a part of student events. Last month his class hosted a one of a kind Mexican restaurant earning the last bit of money that they needed for a trip to the beach in southern Togo. It was a long bus trip through two neighboring countries, but it was worth the waves, the go-karts and time with life long friends.
Pray for Micah as he works on-line completing several college courses and heals from having his wisdom teeth removed.

 “ . . .go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you." So he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him. “ Luke 8:39

In June we will return to the US for our Home Assignment. During this time we will report to churches and ministry partners about the work in Niger. We will meet with our board members, reviewing our vision strategy for the future, meet with individuals and churches in resource development, building up our ministry, prayer and financial donor base which has decreased in recent years. We will continue working with CSEN and the churches from a distance and will also focus on personal spiritual renewal and growth during this time.

The plan is to spend the summer in Georgia with family, ministry partners and churches. Then in the fall we will be based out of Arkansas where we will be centrally located to be able to travel across the US, west coast to east coast, in meetings and appointments.

We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare to leave our Niger home and set up home in the US for this time. Please pray for our travel expenses ($3,000 air fare to the US), as well as housing & a vehicle for the summer in Georgia .
We look forward to seeing many of you that we have not seen for many years– this will require some scheduling and travel while in the US. Pray for the coordinating of visits and travel costs across the United States

Financial Corner





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-$0 PIL

..Monthly Support




..Boys Education (2017-18)




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