July 2007

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In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

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 As we
what our
would be,
we have
that God
is directing
us back
to Niger.


Continuing to Minister

For over 13 years we have been serving together with SIM (Serving in Missions) in Niger, West Africa and most recently in Carlsbad, California. Most of you are aware that in August 2006
we were informed that the Missionary Retirement Village
we have recently been serving at was sold and would be closing in July 2007. When we received
this news we immediately began praying about our future ministry steps.
Our heart for Niger and the people of West Africa has remained strong. We had
envisioned returning to Niger
when our time of service in
Carlsbad was completed, originally 5- 15 years.

A legacy of ministry, not only our own, but also Phil’s family in West Africa is of great importance to us and our national relationships.
Phil built relationships in Niger with men his father taught in years past, who have now matured into the directors of 2 of the 5 evangelical church denominations in Niger. The value of these relationships can not be ignored.

During our last term in Niger, (2004- 2005) Phil experienced God moving him out of administration in the SIM Niger office toward working more closely with the church leaders and nationals.
The very men that Phil’s father had taught so many years ago. As we prayerfully considered what our future steps would be, we have been reaffirmed, that God is

directing our steps back to Niger. God has continued to give in us a strong passion to return to minster with the evangelical churches of Niger and the CSEN (Compassionate Solidarity for the Children of Niger) orphanage.

We have been invited by the ACEN church of Niamey, Niger, to train and develop church leadership programs.
The pastor/ church founder, a former student of Phil’s father had requested 13 years ago that Phil help in this way, but at that time he did not feel ready, or mature enough to take this role. Through his own relationship building in Niger, spiritual growth and God’s leading, Phil believes the time is right now. The church, is faithfully praying for our return, fasting and praying one Sunday a month that “God speed” our return.

Walking with God truly means walking by faith.

The CSEN orphanage has also requested Phil’s leadership. We have worked with the orphanage in the past as Phil helped them obtain a grant from The Canadian government; we had several short term teams’ help with building at the orphanage as well. They have been granted a large plot of land by the Nigerien government and have plans drawn to build a new facility; dormitories for the orphans (presently there are 34), a health clinic, private day school, cafeteria, admin building and apprentice workshops. Phil would help develop the orphanage Public Relations, the admin. structure and consult in the construction of the new facility.

We would also continue to work with sort term teams. We have seen this to be a valuable part of sharing missions first hand with churches and individuals. We hope to continue networking between the Nigerian Evangelical churches and churches in the US.
Retuning to Niger will mean a continuation of what we have been doing for the past 13 years, partnering with you; our prayer and financial supporters, in training and mentoring the national Christian leaders in Niger.
What will change is how we see God leading us back to Niger. We have been praying for the past 5 years, how we could better serve these needs, that are not presently being met by any other mission organization in Niger. After much prayer and seeking council, we are moving forward to form a nonprofit organization called Maxwell Ministries.


FYI -Future—Financial Corner—New Email

One Time Gift Opportunities
Set Up Costs
* Container Shipment $7,000
Goods to Nationals & Maxwell Personal Belongings.
* Satellite Internet System $6,000
* Nonprofit Organization Setup $3,000
Needed Before Returning to Niger
* 3 months support ( Reserve) $6,200 x 3 $18,600
* Round Trip Airfare $8,000
Make checks payable to Maxwell Ministries
Maxwell Ministries P.O. Box 2164
Livermore, CA 94551

Maxwell Ministries is a 501c3 approved nonprofit organization. We are able to receive funds, donations and give out tax deductable receipts. By going out independent, we will reduce our financial support need by $600 a month and work directly with the church and orphanage We are sharing this news with you in the hopes that you will pray with us as we move forward to serve, under a new name, the people who are presently “unreached” by any other mission organization, but desire training, & encouragement. In this way, we will be partnering along with SIM and other mission organizations by directly serving the needs of the church in Niger.

We ask that you consider supporting our family both by prayer and finances. Your faithfulness over the years has deepened our commitment to serve God by going where he leads us; knowing we are backed with prayer and finances. We did not know it would be so soon, that we would be allowed the opportunity to return to Niger as more than just a visitor. We did not know that we would be personally invited by those we and our family served with, or those we walked alongside in the past. We are in awe of how God has made this possible. This moment in our lives, in our history, in our present, is beyond our understanding. Walking with God, truly means walking by faith. We appreciate your prayers with us and for us as we continue this journey of faith together.

Phil , Shannon , Noah & Micah Maxwell

Graduation Congratulations Over the years we have shared with you about Hassane Dan Karami, the General Secretary of the AMEEN (Association of Missions and Evangelical Churches of Niger). He has been studying in Kenya, at the Nairobi School of Theology. He graduated in June with a Masters of Divinity and plans to return to Niger with his family in July, to begin teaching and training national church leaders in Niger. We are rejoicing with Hassane over the completion of his schooling goal and his return to Niger to build up the church. Hassane is an Advisor and national board member of Maxwell Ministries.


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