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Barry Schrader


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Barbara Bunshah-The Ultimate Reference Librarian

By Barry Schrader.................................April 21, 2005

Can you imagine 12,000 pages of historical research contained in 28 binders, all done by one person? Then imagine what Barbara Bunshah has accomplished the last 20 years in her spare time.
Barbara just retired as curator of the Livermore Heritage Guild and the Livermore History Center and was honored by the Guild with a reception earlier this month. She will continue doing newspaper indexing in her spare time however and showing up at the History Center on occasion.
In recognizing her, Guild chairman Larry Mauch explained that Barbara began indexing stories from Livermore newspapers dating from 1875 when the Livermore Enterprise existed. She used 3x5 notecards to handwrite the information, then later an electric typewriter to compile the notes. She also indexed the Livermore Echo, the Livermore Herald, the Livermore News, and the Livermore Independent up to 2003. That is an amazing 128 years of newspapers, some of them overlapping each other by many years.
Larry explained that in his research he has found no other newspaper index as comprehensive as the one created by Barbara. "She literally read every newspaper to create the index. Even in this day of modern technology it still will take someone reading every newspaper to create such an index, so it still remains a monumental task that may never be equaled by others."
What seems most valuable is that every obituary ever to appear in the local press has been listed so family descendants and genealogy researchers in the future will save hundreds of hours by referring to her index.
But here is some more good news. Realizing the value of her work, the Livermore Library obtained a grant for $100,000 to convert the index into a CD using Adobe Acrobat so it is completely searchable on the computer. Copies of that CD are available from the library for a nominal fee. Unfortunately the lack of additional funding has not allowed the project to be completed, so another grant or donor will have to be found to bring it up to date.
A little background on Barbara: She moved to Livermore from back East in 1960, first getting involved in the community by joining the Cask & Mask little theater group that produced plays in the old May School north of Livermore. Earlier she had gone to college and majored in Voice with the intention of becoming an opera singer. Then she got into the library field, working for libraries in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Mt. Vernon, NY. In July 1961 then-Livermore Library Director Don Nolte hired Barbara as reference librarian, where she stayed until retiring in 1980. After retirement she devoted much of her time to volunteering for the Heritage Guild, becoming secretary of the board in 1981 and then curator at the History Center in 1990. As they say, the rest is history!

* * *

The League of Women Voters of the Livermore-Amador Valley is getting ready for its 50th anniversary by preparing a memory book of longtime members. Bernice Oakley is trying to locate some of the earliest members and is searching nationwide for them. If you can be of help, call her at (925) 846-4038. Members wishing to share anecdotes or thoughts about the League can also send them via email to Jane Staehle at jtstaehle@ comcast.net or by mail to LWV, Box 702, Livermore, CA. 94551. If you remember belonging when Rosy Colgate, Janet Newton or Miriam Miller headed the group, you're much older than I….

* * *

So the history mystery question for this week: Who was the first man in California to join the League when the national organization first allowed male members back in the 1970s?

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