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Barry Schrader


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Presidents visit the Tri-Valley

By Barry Schrader..................................January 20, 2004

As a followup to my history mystery question from last week about the number of US Presidents who have visited our fair valley, here are the details:
---It was rumored that President William McKinley visited Phoebe Apperson Hearst at her Castlewood home in 1901. Bill Jamieson, can you verify that rumor?
---In 1903 President Teddy Roosevelt went through the valley by train enroute to San Francisco. We don't know if anyone came down to the station to wave at him.
---Another unsubstantiated report has it that President Warren Harding's funeral train passed though Livermore in August 1923, but neither historian Barbara Bunshah nor I could find any newspaper accounts about that.
---Then-Governor Ronald Reagan visited Lawrence Lab in November 1967 for a briefing and tour. I covered his visit for the Herald and remember him speaking at the auditorium. Lab director Dr. Michael May was his host.
---In February 1990 President George Bush (the senior) also visited Lawrence Lab and was hosted by director John Nuckolls.
---Pleasanton witnessed a wind-whipped helicopter visit by President Bill Clinton for the annual Labor Day picnic at the fairgrounds in September 1995. I mention the helicopter because it is reported that his aircraft landed at a local elementary school and blew down a number of young trees at the site. Anyway, he spoke before an excited crowd of some 15,000 at the event.
---On October 18, 1940 a plane carrying First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt made an unscheduled stop at the Livermore Airport due to foul weather in the Bay Area. It is reported in the newspapers of the day that she "greeted locals" before her plane was once again airborne.
---It was in the mid-1990s when Congressman Bill Baker was running for re-election that presidential hopeful Bob Dole visited the San Ramon Marriott for a fundraiser. I recall taking a photo of the Sandia vice president at the time, John Crawford, chatting with Dole. If I had more time I would research the Labor Day picnics because a lot of Democratic hopefuls came there to speak. But now they have moved the traditional Labor Day event to Oakland and we will have to find other ways to attract presidential timber to the Tri-Valley.
---I remember back in 1990 when maverick Independent party candidate John B. Anderson made a swing through the valley before holding a breakfast fundraiser in Concord. I was one of his campaign volunteers so got to take his photo with some of our local dignitaries, including Mayor Dale Turner and County Supervisor Valerie Raymond

* * *

Now let's give Dubloons or Dubliners a chance at this week's history mystery question. If you lived here back in the mid-1970s you may have gone to the Dublin-San Ramon Auto Movies, owned by the Enea Brothers, located between the I-580 freeway and Dublin Boulevard. Two of the high school girls working the snack bar were named Ursula and Sue. What were their last names and where are they now? I have a personal interest in knowing this, since my wife Kay and I operated a flea market at that drive-in for part of 1975 and 1976. Those two girls were very kind to our young boys plus their "best bud" Erin Cole (now Sgt. Erin Cole of the LPD) and our sons would like to know where these girls (now women in their mid-40s) went

* * *

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