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For those of you who can't get enough of
her pics, here's some more.
I just scanned them off of my laser disc covers.
(Please click to enlarge.)


Publicity Shots

Studio1 Photoshoot1 Supergirl & Selena
Photoshoot2 Photoshoot3 Photoshoot5 Superrgirl &
Photoshoot7 Photoshoot6 Photoshoot4
Peter & Helen

Publicity Shots from CD

More Publicity Stills

Sunset Flying Flying Fire
On Beach
Selena's Monster Phantom Zone

Sticker Cards

Kara's Bug Supergirl Kara's Magic
Phantom Zone Night Flying On Beach

Press Kit

Behind the scenes


with A. Salkind

With C.R.

Alt. Costume

Alt. Costume


More Weights!

Movie Props

Costume 1


Costume 2

Flying Model

Supergirl Art

Hildebrandt Art

Achilleos 1

Achilleos 2

Joe Devito


Arne Starr

This spot is reserved for his commissioned piece

Comic 1

Comic 2

Alan Gordon

My Colage

Movie Posters



Compact Disc


For Fun...

Flying SFO

Flying Calif Coast

Flying Calif Coast

Super Dollar

Super Dollar!

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