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James Gurney
P.O.Box 391
Red Hook, NY 12571

January 27, 1999

Dear David,

I've been working day and night to finish up the newest Dinotopia book. At last it's finished! As a reward for your patience, I thought it would be fun to give you some cool inside information about the book that nobody else knows yet. It's not eve on the official website! If you have a website of you own, you can be the first on your block with the scoop!

Main Character:

His Sidekick:

Hero Partners:

Cool Feature:

Fun Fact:
Dinotopia: First Flight
September, 1999
Ancient Poseidos, thousands of years ago
Gideon Altaire, student drone pilot at the Strutterworks,
the flight school of Poseidos. Gideon eventually becomes
the first person to fly on a skybax.
Fritz, a hoverhead. Hoverheads are small robots whose
multi-purpose heads can hover above their bodies. Gideon
rescued Fritz from a garbage strutter.
Gideon's animal friends who join him in his quest include
Binny, a Necrolemur--relative of the modern tarsier; female
Bandy, a Plesictis--ancestor of the cacomistle; female
Bongo, a Plesiadapis--monkey family; male
Budge, an Estemmenosuchus, a mammal-like reptile; male
First Flight will have a board game built into the
book. In the back will be all the game cards you need.
Playing the game makes you feel like Gideons adventure
is happening to you.
My sons, Dan(11) and Franklin(9) helped come up with ideas
for the book and the game. Dan came up with the name for
a swamp in the story: "Mukkawukka." I took them out of
school to come with me to deliver the art to the publisher!

I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed working on it. It really meant a lot to me to get your letter. I wish you well in whatever you undertake.


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Mr Gurney just sent me this Cool letter!!!

As he suggested I had my dad put this letter up for all you other Dinotopia fans. I can't wait for First flight to come out! It sounds like fun to read and play.

I also want to say thanks to Mr. Gurney again. I can't believe someone as busy and important as he is could take the time to write to me, and answer my questions! He makes me feel like a citizen of Dinotopia!!!

Thank you James Gurney!

-David Bunn

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